Network Ferret™

What is Network Ferret™?

Designed to be embedded, Network Ferret™ is a Java-based, carrier-class discovery and topology engine. Network Ferret™ can be embedded within your application in a matter of days, not months.

Field-tested for more than twenty years, Network Ferret™ delivers excellent scalability and breadth of discovery. This means you can focus R&D dollars on strategic technology and never lose another customer over inaccurate discovery.

Our Network Ferret™ Discovery Engine combines four key features into a comprehensive discovery and topology solution:

1. Network Ferret™ Discovery Engine. A carrier-class discovery engine that is easily embedded in network management applications. Network Ferret™ scales to large networks (7,000+ network devices, and 1-million+ interfaces) but does not over-burden routers. Network Ferret™ has the ability to "knit together" discovery connections across subset discoveries of partitioned networks.

The engine provides accurate discovery of basic nodes, VMWare, and network connectivity. Network Connectivity includes routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, ISIS, etc.), MPLS, Link Aggregation (LAG), LDP, LLDP, Spanning Tree; and  SDN discovery. Additionally, it supports both standard MIBs and non-standard MIBs.

Network Ferret™ is highly configurable with user defined parameters that:

  • Control Scope of Discovery

  • Define Performance Parameters

  • Enable/Disable Discovery Features

  • Support for SNMP, NetConf, and REST

2. Designed to be Embedded. Network Ferret™ is designed from the ground up for OEMs, making it the easiest way to integrate a discovery engine into your NMS application. Network Ferret™:

  • Integrates within host application via a simple Java API

  • Executes from the host application

  • Is highly configurable to meet specific execution requirements

  • External Message Repository simplifies language localization

  • Easy for programmers to extend with custom functionality

3. Field Support Tools. Responsive customer support is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction. Network Ferret™ Field Support tools speed the diagnosis of problems in the field. Automated MIB Dumps and Comprehensive Logging enable field support to gather relevant information for analysis. Network Ferret™’s Wire Model database allows quick analysis of network connectivity issues.

4. Quality Assurance (QA) Tools. The basis for all QA testing is a re-creatable test environment. Network Ferret™'s QA tools enable developers to consistently recreate the same topology, with the ability to capture and replay a given discovery in real or natural time.

5. MIB Dump Manager™. A tool for deverlopers, QA and Field Support. MDM™ enables the categorization, parsing, and easy searching of MIB Dumps. Through an XML definition file MDM™ defines all important MIB features (e.g., LLDPv1, LLDPv2, MPLS, Cisco CDP, etc.). MDM™ can then display all features in a given dump or all dumps with a given feature.

Licensing Options

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