Network Ferret
Discovery Engine

Over 20 years delivering the most comprehensive, embeddable, Java-based discovery eengine


Free Developer Tools

Save hours of time dealing MIB
Dumps and MIB Definitions


New FeaturEs in our 11.9 release



Multiple address discovery strategies

Built to handle vendor-specific data

Focus on switch/router connectivity

Scalable: 7k+ network devices, 1M+ interfaces

Ability to "knit together" multiple discoveries

Simple Java API with development support tools

All versions of SNMP and encryption

Support daa collection via NetConf & REST



NMS Service Providers- NMS Applications (assurance, fault, performance, security & optimization)

Consultants who provide custom NMS solutions

Asset discovery for network consulting

Factory Automation

Licensing Options

Discover our licensing options - Object Code Subscription, Source Code, Custom Integration.


Don’t waste your time and money coding a network discovery engine from scratch.

Jump start your product development with Network Ferret™

"Partnering with AMT has been a positive experience. We found Network Ferret™ to be accurate, efficient and straightforward to work with."

Manuel Stopnicki
CTO, InfoVista