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Embeddable, Java-based IP discovery engine.


Don’t waste your time and money writing a discovery engine from scratch.  Jump start your product development with Network Ferret.

Network Ferret Licensing Options:


·         Yearly Object Code Subscription

·         Purchase of Source code

·         Combination


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·         Multiple address discovery strategies

·         Focus on switch and router connectivity

·         Highly scalable

·         Simple Java API with excellent development support tools.

·         Supports all versions of SNMP and AES/DES encryption.


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·         NMS Applications (fault, performance, config, security and asset)

·         NMS Service Providers

·         Application and Service Management products that need a network view.

·         Asset discovery for network consulting

·         Factory Automation


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"In Network Ferret, we found a Java-based discovery engine that was designed to be embedded. It fit right in with our existing architecture and was very easy to integrate."

Vikas Aggarwal

– CEO,  Zyrion Inc.


Build or Buy?


A discovery engine is not a one-time development project.  It is a constant maintenance issue because:


·         Vendors do not always follow standards or standards do not exist.

·         Code in devices has bugs.

·         Device developers have different interpretations of standards.

·         Network Engineers build unconventional networks.

·         There are always new devices and technologies being developed.


Network Ferret was designed from the beginning to handle vendor-specific situations.



Latest Release 11.0.0

March  2019


The first public release of Network Ferret was in 2004.


Code developed at Avesta Technologies for the Trinity NMS from 1996 – 2001.


 Discovery concepts developed from 1990 – 1996.


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